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Inter-nett 2000 Kft

The Inter-Nett 2000 Kft as a family franchise was established in 1994. At the beginning mainly distributing its products such as canned fruits and vegetables within the Hungarian market under the ‘HUNAGRO’ brand. In later years, our products steadily started appearing on the shelves of multiple
countries within Middle-Europe. Currently we export our products to 8 European and 2 North American countries. We also became co-owners in the HungarEat Kft which produces most of our products but, we also have production in other Hungarian cannery, as such we currently hold a significant amount of base goods.

Our company, the Inter-Nett 2000 Kft. brings its products from the hearth of Europe made from the fruits and vegetables grown in Hungarian soil under our country’s special climate and produced with heat treatment technology, without the use of any preserving substances.

Quality of our products is important for us and that is why we always strive to keep our standard regarding it always as high as possible. Our company has two quality insurances IFS and HACCP, with these we are able to ensure that only quality resources are used in the controlled production process.

We have a wide variety of products for our customers to choose from:

– Fruits in syrup products, such as Sour Cherries,pitted, which we would like to highlight due to its special sour, yet sweet flavor/taste.

Also, the Sweet Cherries, pitted and Plum halves ,which we hope will be a hit on the international market, too.

-Pickles products, which are made of gherkins, and multiple types of peppers, special product as Stuffed pepper with cabbage an another fine pickles.

-Canned vegetables, which are made of green peas, sweet corn and letcho (tomato and pepper)

Our main goal is to establish long-term relation with possible business partners on the world market.